“This film was made as a final project for an avant-garde film class at UNCSA during the last few weeks of the 2017 fall semester. Pre-production took about a week and it was shot in about 5 hours. Editing took long time because of all the layering effects and sound design. I usually don’t compose my own music but I thought I might as well since it was avant-grade and I didn’t have to know anything about music to whip something up in garage band! The set was created inside the dining room of my apartment. We had to cover everything with plastic so we didn’t get paint on the walls, even so, some got onto the ceiling by accedent. It took a long time to clean everything up after I’m pretty sure the aftermath of this film was the biggest mess I’ve ever made in my life.” -CHI


“This film was another project for Avant-Garde film class. We had to make each of the films based off of different surrealist poems by Gellu Naum. Our professor told us not to try and pull out symbolism from the poems but to try and capture the feeling each poem evoked. It was challenging for me because I am such a thematically driven filmmaker, I want to know what I am making and what it means.” -CHI


“My directorial debut, To Die For (2016), brought together local North Carolina talent for cast and crew to create a small scale post-apocalyptic film. The film was shot over the course of about four days. It stars two very tallented North Carolina based actors, Windham Ryce and Eric Hartley. Both of whom I met on set while working as the Gaffer for the feature film, Son of Clowns. This film screened at eight film festivals across North Carolina and won the award for Best Genre Short at filmSPARK 2016. I could not be more grateful to all the people who donated their time, money and talent to enable me to make this first venture into directing a narrative piece.” -CHI


“Piano Cat was made as a final group project for a film analysis class at Wake Tech Community College. The main goal of the project was to exemplify and put into practice the concepts that were introduced in the course. The story of the film was kept simple so that more time could be spent perfecting each shot. The idea of a sentient cat toy came from the very prop used in the film. It was my niece’s toy which would often start to make really unsettling noises when you left it alone. Like it was possessed or something! I thought it would be a really funny parody on object based horror films. Plus the notion of the thing floating in the air was an intreating visual effect to try and pull off.” -CHI


“This film was made at UNCSA as a class project for Fundamentals of Directing during my freshman year. The assignment was to create a three minute dream sequence that exemplified a fear and/or desire that I experience. We were required to shoot on an iPhone and couldn’t use dialog to tell the story. Through the contrast of black and white with color, I wanted to convey an artist’s fear of falling short of aspiration and being lost to history, having left no visible impact on the world. Although the concept was simple, the visual effects were painstaking. I spent over 24 hours straight rotoscoping in order to create the selective color you see in the film. I went a little crazy!” -CHI